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The best breakfast I ever had

As most of my friends know i really don't like breakfast , i know , i know it's the most important meal of the day, and with the spa being so busy i don't have time to sit down and eat. i mean I can't have food in my mouth and greet people at the same time. On Saturday one of my clients was waiting for her pod session and she was eating something that smelled like a peanut butter sandwich, like the ones our moms used to make. Except she was eating it from a yogart container. i asked her (Daneille) what that was and she said " 6 oz plain greek yogart, a scoop of peanut butter, half of a banana and some berries".

Danielle is a master chef of great low cal, less sugar and carbs recipes that actually taste good. i went out and got the ingrediants and made myself my peanut butter yogart surprise. It was amazing, i couldn't even finish it all so I kept talking spoonfuls throughout the day. that is rare for me. It's high in protien, low fat , low cards, inexpensive and fast to make and tastes amazing !!!!

i highly suggest this and visit the blog often to see new recipes from Danielle !!!!

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